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Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top orthopedic implants, instruments manufacturer and distributor in India. We have a wonderful market acceptance along with the biggest manufacturing portfolio of over a thousand products in growing a worldwide market. Siora Surgicals as one of the best orthopedic implants manufacturers in India provides complete client satisfaction to their clients as we are committed for the safety and quality.

The infrastructural facility of our orthopedic implants company is divided into various divisions such as production, quality inspection, graphic designing, marketing team, warehousing, packaging, and supply as well as export. Our huge distribution network is making our reach far and wide. We believe in bringing improvements in in every aspect of our orthopedic product range on the daily basis. We are one the top-rated orthopedic product suppliers worldwide. We are well known orthopedic equipment manufacturers in Delhi India.

Modern Machines and Other Facilities

As a quality-oriented orthopedic implant company in India, we manufacture our orthopedic implants using modern technology machines viz. Sliding Head Turning Center, Multiple Axis VMC, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC deep Hole Drilling, Mechanized Sharpening & Surface Finishing Machines.

What are Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic implants are the medical devices designed to replace a missing bone or joint to support an injured bone. The orthopedic products such as orthopedic implants and orthopedic instruments are manufactured by the orthopaedic implant manufacturers India. The most commonly used surgical implants exported by the orthopedic implant exporters are Bone Screws, Bone Plates, orthopedic locking plate, Rods, Pins, Nails, Drill Bits, Bone Taps, Hip Prosthesis such as Bipolar Prosthesis Standard Stem, Stem Centralizer, Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis, etc. Trauma implant manufacturer uses titanium and stainless steel for strength and the plastic coating that is done on the ortho implants as artificial cartilage.

The reason why our customers love us.

Some reasons which makes us the best Orthopedic Implants Manufacturer in India.

Product packaging

We process the packaging in the controlled environment in class 10000 hygienic rooms on special demand by our clients for ‘Ready to Use’ implants. We offer orthopedic implants Pre-Sterilized with Gamma Irradiation.

Our products have excellent market compliance. Our company structure has an industrial complex with 20,000 square meters installed in the New Delhi, The Capital of India. Orthopedic Implants manufactured by us includes:

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Customer Testimonials

Talking about us.

  • As I am a regular importer of Siora products from a long time. I am fully satisfied with the quality & after sale service provided by them and hopes to continue with it in future also.
    Eyden Haze Director
  • Really a good place for orthopedic products, specially Interlocking Nails, I am fully satisfied with the product's price because its totally value for money.
    Rollins Duke Sales Head
  • Siora Surgicals orthopedic products have been very reliable and consistent because of quality. I have never ever thought of any other alternative other than Siora Surgicals for orthopedic implants need.
    Pritam Yadav Marketing Head
  • I'm Dr. Haider, an orthopedic surgeon from Iraq, we have tried your products of locked plates before. It was good. We also recommend you as much as implant suppliers for the hospitals in our locality. 
    Today I'm asking you to send me your IM Nail system catalogue to have an idea about it and to enforce our intention of purchasing your products of IM nail.
    Dr. Haider Orthopedic Surgeon

Our customers are foremost for us. We deeply believe in originality and do our utmost to provide better quality orthopedic Implants & Surgical Instruments at a reasonable price for them. In today’s world, where our dependency on medical science and equipment is increasing day by day, we are committed to providing superior solutions to both orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic implants suppliers and distributors along with worth price.

We happily welcome all the challenges and stay relentless until we deliver the solutions.

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Definitely, you were thinking why Siora Surgical? You have lots of choice and another orthopedic implant Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Well, you are right at your own place. Undoubtedly, several orthopedic implants manufacturers are available in India, still, among them, we have been considered as one of the trust able brands. We deliver quality based orthopedic implants & Instruments and (also OEM Orthopedic Implants/ Contract manufacturing) at a reasonable price.