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Conventional treatment for bone injury was to immobilize the affected bone area by an external cast. The broken bone pieces would be aligned by an experienced Doctor. However, there are no. of limitations to this method, particularly when an injury is severe resulting in complex fractures. Use of Bone implants is the surgical technique by which the affected bone area is internally aligned, fixed and stabilized with the help of an implant. Over the years, technological advancements have rendered it useful to treat complex and compound fractures.

Siora Surgicals has been supporting the medical fraternity by making available Quality Implants indigenously at a fraction of the cost of an Imported implant. We develop orthopedic implants with the latest technology and according to the needs of doctors. SIORA has adopted latest technology machines to produce the latest designs of Orthopedic Implants under quality assurance system confirming to ISO 13485.

Today, we are proud to be one of the oldest orthopedic implants company in India. We continuously strive to explore new developments, always looking for solutions to help patients requiring orthopedic implants and improve the quality of life.

Who We Are?

Guided by the hard work and solid principles, Siora Surgicals, structured professionally, has grown year on year. We constantly invest in high-end services and are known for our strong commitment to the orthopedic area with the focus on the final customer. Siora Surgicals has grown by forging a mutually fruitful relationship with its business associates. Its operational style is based on mutual trust and transparency. Siora credits much of its success to its network of Distributors and its employees. This is reflected by the long relationships with its business associates and a very low turnover amongst its employees. Such business policies and professional work approach have helped SIORA to not only retain its clientele over more than 25 years, but also grow from strength to strength.

• Customer satisfaction;
• Maintain ethics in all its procedures and relationships;
• Pursue constant evolution of the company;
• Preserve and enhance the environment and the community;
• Ensure the commitment and enhance teamwork.

Become the largest manufacturer of orthopedic implants in the world, establishing the relationship of the brand with the concept of excellence.

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  • As I am a regular importer of Siora products from a long time. I am fully satisfied with the quality & after sale service provided by them and hopes to continue with it in future also.
    Eyden Haze Director
  • Really a good place for orthopedic products, specially Interlocking Nails, I am fully satisfied with the product's price because its totally value for money.
    Rollins Duke Sales Head
  • Siora Surgicals orthopedic products have been very reliable and consistent because of quality. I have never ever thought of any other alternative other than Siora Surgicals for orthopedic implants need.
    Pritam Yadav Marketing Head
  • I'm Dr. Haider, an orthopedic surgeon from Iraq, we have tried your products of locked plates before. It was good. We also recommend you as much as implant suppliers for the hospitals in our locality. 
    Today I'm asking you to send me your IM Nail system catalogue to have an idea about it and to enforce our intention of purchasing your products of IM nail.
    Dr. Haider Orthopedic Surgeon