About Us

We are the oldest Orthopedic Implants Company

We improve your quality of Life

The increasing demand for Orthopedic Implants & Instruments, We made the quality of Orthopedic Products stand out on the medical profession. However, it would be possible to offer the same quality being a national company?

We develop orthopedic implants with the latest technology and according to the needs of doctors. Client customer, our commitment has been recognized and satisfaction with our products became the engine of this expansion.

Today we are proud to be an oldest orthopedic implants company in India. We are prepared to explore new directions, always looking for solutions to help with orthopedic implants and improve the quality of life.

Who We Are?

We constantly invest in high-end services.

Guided by the hard work and solid principles, Siora Surgicals has grown year on year and was structured professionally. For its strong commitment to the orthopedic area and the final customer, Siora Surgicals became throughout its history, in one of the major orthopedic implant & surgical instruments manufacturers for use in trauma surgeries of people worldwide.

Siora Surgicals maintains its focus also in attendance, in order to provide all its stakeholders, excellence in this area too. In addition, Siora credits much of its success to its employees, this is reflected in the small turnover rate in the company.

Only a very serious company can keep more than 25 years in the market. This is the reality of  Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

• Customer satisfaction;
• Maintain ethics in all its procedures and relationships;
• Pursue constant evolution of the company;
• Preserve and enhance the environment and the community;
• Ensure the commitment and enhance teamwork.

Become the largest manufacturer of orthopedic implants in the world, establishing the relationship of the brand with the concept of excellence.

Talking about us


  • As I am a regular importer of Siora products from a long time. I am fully satisfied with the quality & after sale service provided by them and hopes to continue with it in future also.
    Eyden Haze Director
  • Really a good place for orthopedic products, specially Interlocking Nails, I am fully satisfied with the product's price because its totally value for money.
    Rollins Duke Sales Head
  • Siora Surgicals orthopedic products have been very reliable and consistent because of quality. I have never ever thought of any other alternative other than Siora Surgicals for orthopedic implants need.
    Pritam Yadav Marketing Head