Cannulated Screws

Cannulated screw system is for fracture fixations and fusions. Besides this, surgeons also use these screws for osteotomies (surgical cutting of bones and their alignments), of small or large bones, the cannulated screws. These bone screws are either fully threaded or partially threaded by using a cancellous thread form. Each is cannulated to use over a guidewire.

Cannulated Screw Manufacturers and Suppliers

Taking cannulated screw is a matter of precision and it’s better to take it from a certified manufacturer and supplier. Siora Surgicals provide all types of cannulated screws as well as orthopedic locking plates, IM Nails, Spine Implants, Raidal Head Prosthesis etc. Cannulated compression screws and even all other types of cannulated screw serve the relative purpose of fixation of fractures. So important is to contact the right manufacturer and supplier of cannulated screws and we are here to serve with the best & trusted services.

Uses of Cannulated Screws

  • Cannulated screws are for fixing metaphyseal fractures.
  • The surgeons also use cannulated lag screws for diaphyseal fractures fixation.
  • Cannulated Screw for Hip Fracture or Cannulated Screws Hip
  • Fully threaded screws are usable in stabilizing fractures with minor to completely no compression across the fracture.
  • The use of partially threaded screws is to lag one to another bone fragment.

Advantages of Cannulated Screws

Cannulated screws are advantageous as one can insert them over a guide pin or guidewire. It’s a minimally invasive process that reduces the cost and stays at the hospital. For tibial plateau fractures, it enables early mobilization.
This low-cost option is highly preferred over costly health care systems as it provides equal & even better clinical outcomes as other options provide.

The material used in Cannulated Screws

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

Top Selling Types of Cannulated Screws

A lot many types of cannulated screws are available to serve the varied requirements of clients. It subsumes, Large cannulated cancellous screws, cannulated bone screw, Small cannulated cancellous screws, Herbert cannulated screws implants & instruments, Small cannulated cancellous screws instruments & sets, Large 7.0mm &, 6.5mm cannulated cancellous screws instruments & sets and all. Even cannulated lag screw, cannulated compression screw, cannulated screw for hip fracture, each one is available catering to different needs. All the types of cannulated screws are available in varied sizes