Cannulated Screws Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Often, when a fracture in the epiphysis or metaphysis has been reduced and temporarily fixed with a kirschner wire, the site of the wire is found to be ideal for the screw. Cannulated screws in two different sizes have been introduced to allow insertion over guide wires. Siora Surgicals is manufacturers of cannulated screw and other orthopedic implants such as hip prosthesis, AFN Nailing system, bone plate, bone screw, cortex screw etc.

The 7.0 mm cannulated screw is used for epiphyseal/metaphyseal fractures of large bones, such as the proximal tibia, femur, and all the pelvis. The 4.0 mm cannulated screws are used for the fixation of small fragments in the hand, wrist, and the foot.

Because of the cannulation, neither the instruments nor the implants are as strong as their noncannulated counterparts and should thus be used with care.

The 7.0 mm Cannulated Screws

The primary indications for 7.0 mm cannulated screws are fractures involving large epiphyseal/metaphyseal fragments such as:

  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • Intracapsular fractures of the hip
  • Paediatric femoral neck fractures
  • Femoral intercondylar fractures
  • Ankle arthrodesis
  • Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
  • Sacroiliac joint disruptions

The screws are applied as lag screws and can be inserted percutaneously, or by a normal surgical approach.

The 7.0 mm cannulated screws in various lengths and the instruments for their application can be obtained either in a sterilizing tray or in a graphic case.

The 4.0 mm Cannulated Screws

The 4.0 mm screw finds application in fractures of the carpus, metatarsals, and metacarpals. It may also be used in epiphyseal fractures in children, osteochondral fractures and for ligament fixation. These screws are manufacture by one of the leading orthopedic implants company in India.



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