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Being one of the oldest European countries, Bulgaria is the only country whose name has not changed since its establishment in 681 AD. Another interesting fact about the country is that the Bulgarian army has never lost even one flag in battle. Some amazing places in the country are treat to watch and that is one of the reasons why Bulgaria experiences a huge footfall of tourists annually from around the world. Some of the tourist destinations that one must visit include Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Sozopol, and Belogradchik.

If we talk about the size of the country, then Bulgaria stands at the sixteenth position in the list of the largest countries in Europe.

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Healthcare in Bulgaria

The healthcare system of Bulgaria is managed by the Ministry of Health and it is also responsible for the management of the national health policy. The reformation of the Bulgarian health system was done under the 1998 Act of Health Insurance. Health insurance in Bulgaria is compulsory and the healthcare is financed from health insurance contributions only.

The reported GDP of Bulgaria in the year 2020 was around 69,266 US million dollars. As of 2018 data, the health expenditure of Bulgaria was 7.3% of GDP. In the same year, the life expectancy rate of the country was recorded around 74.96 years. The country always strives to improve the healthcare system and make the lives of its citizens better.

Orthopedic Implants in Bulgaria

The medical device market in Bulgaria is unofficially estimated to be around EUR 200 million a year. Besides this, it is also estimated that there are around 1000 registered dealers of medical devices in Bulgaria. This shows how opportunistic is the Bulgarian market for medical device companies based in other countries. Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA) is known to have control over medical devices in Bulgaria.

It is noted that Bulgaria highly relies on imports when it comes to the healthcare sector and provides the best opportunity to healthcare companies present across the globe to expand their market reach. The requirement of orthopedic implants in Bulgaria is also met through good amounts of imports.

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