Microlock Locking Hand System

MICROLOCK Locking hand System is designed for small bones of hand like Metacarpals and phalanges. These specially designed plates can be used for stabilizing fractures and osteotomies of hand bones.

MICROLOCK Locking Hand System Manufacturers

Siora Surgicals holds a unique place to manufacture reliable locking hand systems also called Hand Fracture Plate. Our strength lies in having a committed and trained staff, knowledge, and experience in manufacturing locking plates.

Our state-of-the-art technology has made us achieve perfection in developing appropriate Hand Fracture Systems or Hand Plating System. We assure you value for money by offering competitive prices and quality for hassle-free use of these systems.

Uses of MICROLOCK Locking Hand System

MICROLOCK Locking Hand Plates are used for the fixation of fractures without deformation. It can be used in Bridge Mode across the bone loss. It has the versatility to achieve compression at the fracture site. Metacarpal Periarticular Fracture Plates and Phalangeal Periarticular Fracture Plates are appropriate for addressing intra-articular and extra-articular fractures of the hand.

Advantages Of MICROLOCK Locking Hand System

  • Preservation of vascularity of intercalary fracture fragments
  • Permits relative stability and helps to achieve secondary bone healing with the formation of callus for firm biological fixation of fractures.
  • Provides reliable and sound fracture fixation to all patterns of hand fractures.