Famous for its beautiful cities, gigantic castles, diverse geography, and undoubtedly the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland is a country admired by millions of tourists across the globe. This fascinating country is a member of both NATO (since 1999) and the European Union (since 2004). The Polish take pride in their national identity that is associated with Red and White colors. The expected GDP of Poland in the year 2020 was 580.89 Billion USD. Whereas the expenditure in the healthcare sector has gradually increased in Poland in the last few years. In 2018, around 6.3% of GDP was reported to be used in the healthcare sector. This could be the reason why the life expectancy rate in this beautiful country is around 78 years.


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Orthopedic Implants in Poland

Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe by land area with a population of more than 38 million and a total health expenditure of around $35 billion. With such an amount of healthcare expenditure, Poland's healthcare market is filled with foreign exporters. The orthopedic implant manufacturers in India are exporting a wide range/category of orthopedic implants in Poland.

Orthopedic implant suppliers to Poland make sure that the products delivered are of top-quality and free from any manufacturing defects.

About Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic implants are surgical devices that are used to provide support to broken bones for natural healing in case of trauma/injury and are also surgically placed as a permanent replacement for bones in case of serious conditions. Orthopedic implants are either placed permanently or temporarily inside the patient's body. This will totally depend upon the degree of trauma and the patient's condition.

Fabrication of Orthopedic Implants

It is very essential to design such implants that can co-exist inside the human body without any complications. An external implant needs to be fabricated in such a way that the patient's body and the implant can work together to heal the bone while ensuring normal functioning.

Most commonly, orthopedic implants are made from stainless steel and titanium alloys because of their high strength and biochemical inertness.

Siora Surgicals Private Limited, is one of the leading manufacturers of wide varieties and categories of orthopedic implants. We aim to deliver the quality that is trusted by the top surgeons. The company's products are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, & WHO: GMP compliant, this ensures trust towards its orthopedic implants that are exported in numerous countries.

Intending to provide world-class orthopedic implants across the globe, the company is also looking forward to orthopedic implant distributors in Poland. We are open to any of your queries and will try to clear them in the best way possible. You can also contact us for OEM and get high-quality orthopedic devices as per your requirement. Being the emerging and one of the leading manufacturers of orthopaedic implants in India, the company is eager to export a high-quality and wide variety of orthopedic implants in Europe.

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