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A renowned trauma implant manufacturer in India, Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd., is looking for a reliable orthopedic distributor in Niger. Intending to supply an international standard quality range of orthopedic implants and instruments to all parts of the globe, Siora Surgicals is finding distributors in African countries including Niger. The company has served numerous clients in over 50 countries and it keeps looking for more orthopedic distributors across the globe.

The company manufactures all its orthopedic implants in its advanced manufacturing facility in India which is equipped with the latest machines and tools. Not only this but it also has a microbiology lab to check bioburden on products and a clean room meeting ISO 10,000 guidelines for the contamination-free handling of implants and instruments. With a good workforce, Siora can process multiple bulk orders on time and ensure quick delivery through trustworthy delivery partners. Becoming our orthopedic distributor in Niger will give you the opportunity to serve the orthopedic fraternity in your country by supplying CE-certified orthopedic devices and ensure your success as a business.

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Clients Testimonial

vijay Surgicals
Dr. Vijay

Siora implant is so good and reliable i am Siora user from last 30 years. Team specially Abhinav nice supporting manager. Best wishes ❤

Dr. Rollins Duke
Dr. Rollins Duke

Really a good place for orthopedic products, specially Interlocking Nails, I am fully satisfied with the product's price because its totally value for money.

Phyo Min Aye
Phyo Min Aye

The information in website is completely perfect.
Also Siora products quality is one of the best in orthopedic implant.

Ve Shalini
Ve Shalini

Siora Surgicals provide a good quality of orthopedic implants. Satisfied with their product. Special thanks to Mr. Mahavir for his great job.