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The natural beauty of Slovakia can be analyzed by noticing the fact that the country has over 6000 caves. This may be one of the reasons that Slovakia is well known for its natural beauty along with magnetizing mountains and forests.

Slovakia is not only famous for its land and nature but it also famous for The center of Bardejov (a UNESCO world heritage), Bojnice Castle, Cable cars, caves, and spa resorts. If we talk about the folk tradition of Slovakia, then one thing is sure that traditional folk is deeply rooted in Slovakian culture and that is an amazing thing to observe and see.

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Healthcare System in Slovakia

One of the best facts about Slovakia is that its 98% population is covered by Health Insurance. This may be possible due to its GDP i.e. 105.80 billion USD as per 2019 data. With that amount of GDP, it becomes essential for any government to invest a good percentage of GDP in the Healthcare system.

It is very interesting and good to see that 6.9% of the GDP of Slovakia is spent on the Healthcare system of the country. All these efforts made by the country are to ensure the good public health and they have been able to successfully do that.

Orthopedic Implants in Slovakia

The Slovak medical device market largely depends upon imports from other countries, while the major imports are received from the EU and US markets. A data showed that more than 80 percent of the demand for medical devices in Slovakia is met through imports. Thus, it won't be wrong to say that the Slovak market offers a good opportunity for companies dealing with medical devices across the globe.

Considering the huge amount of imports, Slovakia is also an opportunistic market for orthopedic implants and instruments.

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The company is also known for exporting its quality products to clients based in different countries of the world. Intending to expand the reach, Siora is also looking for reliable suppliers and distributors in Slovakia. Plus, it is also a trustworthy OEM/contract manufacturing service provider.

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