Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers not only signifies the great architecture but also the dedication and hard work of Malaysia’s educated labor. Malaysia is not only recognized for some of the beautiful architecture or landmarks like Thean Hou Temple and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion but is also admired for the exports of various raw materials like Rubber, Tin, Palm oil, Natural gas, and Commercial Hardwoods.

Malaysia is also known for manufacturing electronic equipment and electrical machinery appliances. The people of Malaysia are hardworking and they also focus on the latest technologies and advancements. This could be one of the reasons why we can see some amazing things being exported from Malaysia every year.


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Healthcare in Malaysia

Malaysia has always been a manufacturing hub, and due to this, its GDP is around 362.681 Billion USD. Malaysia’s fast-growing economy is also a hub for medical devices and equipment. About 3.76 percent of the GDP is spent on the Healthcare and Medical sector. Lots of medical devices and equipment are exported every year from Malaysia. However, due to the rapid increase in the needs of the people, the medical industry in Malaysia is also known to accept imports from various foreign companies with open arms.

During COVID-19, Malaysia has also helped other countries by supplying different kinds of gloves to fight the pandemic. This gesture of the country is praiseworthy and it showed how Malaysia stood with the world in tough times.

About Orthopedic Implants

The orthopedic implants are carried out in such cases where either the joint needs to be replaced or a bone needs healing. In those cases, an orthopedic implants can either be temporary or they can be permanent. The time frame of the implants completely depends uopn the condition of the patient.

Orthopedic Implants in Malaysia

The orthopedic industry in Malaysia is also flourishing every year. The Malaysian orthopedic implants industry not only depends upon its local manufacturing but also requires the supply of orthopedic implants from foreign companies because of the high population.

Many companies are supplying orthopedic implants in Malaysia and most of them even have set up their offices in nearby locations.

With more than three decades of experience, SIORA Surgicals Private Limited is proud to be one of the leading orthopedic implants manufacturing companies in India, The company has many satisfied and happy clients across the globe. SIORA Surgicals are also looking for new distributors and suppliers in Malaysia. With our ISO standard product quality, we will be glad to join hands with the Malaysian distributors and suppliers.

Siora Surgicals is also proud to say that it is supplying orthopedic implants to many clients in Malaysia for more than 15 years now. Plus, all the orthopedic implants, instruments, & fixators of the company have recently been registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA) of Malaysia.
Siora Surgicals has an FDA India-approved advanced manufacturing unit and all the products coming out conforms to WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 standards. Plus, our products are packed in ISO class 7 (10,000) cleanroom environment to avoid any kind of contamination. The company is also open to contract manufacturing for clients in Malaysia.

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