Pelvic Reconstruction Plate Instrument Set


XP.391.005 Toothed Reduction Forceps, Small – 200mm 1
XP.391.010 Toothed Reduction Forceps, Large – 250mm 1
XP.391.015 Asymmetric Reduction Forceps, 405mm 1
XP.391.020 Universal Hex Screw Driver – 220mm length, 2.5mm tip 1
XP.391.025 Drill Bit Dia 2.5mm X 150mm 5
XP.391.030 Drill Bit Dia 3.0mm x 150mm 2
XP.391.035 Drill Guide, 2.5/4.0mm- 160mm 1
XP.391.040 Drill Guide, 3.0/4.0mm – 160mm 1
XP.391.045 Flexible Drill, Dia. 2.5mm – 215mm 1
XP.391.046 Drill Guide For Flexible Drill Bit 1
XP.391.050 Plate Bender pair – 200mm 1
XP.391.055 Curved Position Forceps, 280mm 1
XP.391.060 Curved Position Forceps, 250mm 1
XP.391.065 Hex Ball & Socket Screw Driver 2.5mm Tip 1
XP.391.070 Reposition Forceps, 290mm 1
XP.391.075 Depth Gauge, 60mm 1
XP.391.080 Tap 4.0 Cancellous,  T-Handle 140mm Long 1
XP.391.085 Tap 3.5 Cotical,  T-Handle 140mm long 1
XP.391.090 Template, Straight 1
XP.391.095 Template, Curved 1
XP.391.100 Screw Clamp Forceps – 215mm 1
XP.391.105 Small Bone Hook 1
XP.391.110 Push Rod 2
XP.391.115 Reposition Forceps, 410mm 1
XP.391.120 Hohmann Retractor For Distraction & Reduction 1
XP.391.125 Reposition forceps for Acetabulum 1
XP.391.130 T Retractor 1
XP.391.135 Plate Bend Forceps – 275mm 1
XP.391.116 Pelvic Reduction Forceps, Long with Three Pointed Ball Tips – 410mm 1
XP.400.106 Graphic Aluminium Instruments Box For Pelvic Reconstruction Plate 1


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