Large Fragment Locking Instrument Set For 4.5/5.0mm System


XP.911.001 Drill Bit -S. S. Quick Coupling End Dia. 3.2mm X 180mm Long 1
XP.911.002 Drill Bit – S.S. – Quick Coupling End Dia. 4.5mm X 145mm Length 1
XP.911.003 Drill Bit – S.S. – Plain Shank, Jacob Chuck End Dia. 4.1mm X 250mm Long 1
XP.911.004 Bone Tap – Quick Coupling End Dia. 4.5mm, Thread Length 70mm, Total Length 145mm 1
XP.911.005 Bone Tap with T – Handle Dia. 4.5mma Thread Length 55mm, Total Length 175mm 1
XP.911.006 Bone Tap – Quick Coupling End Dia. 6.5mm, Cacellous, Thread Length 25mm, Total Length 195mm 1
XP.911.007 Screw Driver Shaft, Q.C. End 3.5mm Tip 160mm Long 1
XP.911.008 Depth Gauge for 4.5/5.0mm Screws 1
XP.911.009 Large Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide 3.2mm 1
XP.911.010 Drill & Tap Sleeve Combined 3.2/4.5mm 1
XP.911.011 Drill & Tap Sleeve Combined 3.2/6.5mm 1
XP.911.012 LCP Drill Sleeve 5.0mm for 4.1mm Drill Bit 2
XP.911.013 LCP Guide Wire Sleeve for 2.0mm Wire 2
XP.911.014 Tourque Limiting Handle for Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip (4.0MM) 1
XP.911.015 Quick Coupling Handle (T-Type ) 1
XP.911.016 Screw Holding- Forceps S. S 1
XP.911.017 Large Plate Bender Pair 1
XP.911.018 Counter Sink, Q.C. End 8.0mm Head (for 4.5/6.5mm Screws) 1
XP.911.019 Hollow Reamer For Removal of Damage Screw (for 4.5/6.5mm Screws) 1
XP.911.020 Hohmann Retractor 16mm Wide, Narrow Tip, 240mm Length 1
XP.911.021 Hohmann Retractor 42mm Wide, Narrow Tip, 240mm Length 1
XP.911.022 Pin -Wrench S. S. 1
XP.911.023 Bone Tap – Quick Coupling For 5.0mm Locking Head Screws 1
XP.911.024 Periosteal Elevator – Curved 12mm 1
XP.911.025 Periosteal Elevator – Curved 15mm 1
XP.911.026 Conical Extraction Screw For 4.5/6.5mm Screws 1
XP.911.027 Guide Wire Plain Trocar Tip 2.0mm X 250mm 2
XP.911.028 Threaded Guide Wire 2.0mm X 250mm 2
XP.911.029 Reduction Forceps – Pointed Ratchet Lock 200mm 1
XP.911.030 Reduction forceps – Serrated Speed Lock – 230mm 1
XP.911.031 Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps – 260mm 2
XP.400.142 Graphic Instrument Box for Large Fragment Locking System 1