Uganda Pharma Healthcare

Uganda Pharma Healthcare – A Leading Healthcare Event

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda is organizing a leading medical event Uganda Pharma Healthcare from 22-24 February 2024. The event will go live at the UMA Show Grounds Lugogo, Kampala, Uganda. However, this will be the 3rd edition of the Uganda Medical Healthcare Expo and it will provide an excellent opportunity to meet global industry leaders and explore the latest trends in the healthcare sector.

Participating in Uganda Pharma Healthcare will open up opportunities to explore the uncaptured market of the East African region.

Who Will Attend Uganda Pharma Healthcare 2024?

The 3rd edition of the Uganda Medical Healthcare Expo will invite medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, importers & exporters of medical products & devices, decision-makers, and health organizations. It will be a premier event that will experience some of the latest and advanced medical healthcare products & supplies.

This 3-day event expects a footfall of over 4000 visitors from Uganda and the East African regions along with approximately 125 exhibitors from over 10 countries.

Why Attend Healthcare Expo in Uganda?

Participating in medical healthcare exhibitions is always useful for medical professionals, companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Uganda Pharma Healthcare will also be a must-visit medical event that shows the promise to connect the healthcare community in Uganda and East African Regions.

Attending the pharma healthcare event in Uganda will also give you a chance to promote your brand, launch new products, and interact with industry experts. Exhibitors at the show will also be making new clients, generating sales, and expanding their international market reach. Overall, Orthopedic Uganda Medical Healthcare Expo is a must-attend event and it will provide great learning opportunities.

Book your slots now and collaborate with sellers, buyers, manufacturers & suppliers of medical products, and more importantly the leading industry experts. It’ll be a chance to gain from the experts and get acquainted with the current market trends and the latest technologies.