Orthopedic Implant Industry In Germany: An Overview

Germany (German: Deutschland), which has a scenic and picturesque landscape with many interesting and eye-catching monuments and historical sites, is among the top countries in Europe both in terms of medical industry consumers and suppliers. It lies in the western and central Europe region between the Baltic and North Seas.
Over the years, the German government has started investing heavily in the healthcare industry owing to factors like increased awareness among people for healthcare services. It is an attractive market due to its consistent growth with a focus on the healthcare industry. The nominal GDP of Germany is the fourth largest in the world with 2020 estimates to be around $3,780 trillion; the total healthcare spending is more than 440 Billion $ which comprises 11.5% of GDP, out of which approximately 35-37 Billion $ yearly (2019 data) is the size of market for the Medical Devices. With the rising usage of implants and prosthetic devices in patients, it is a growing market for Orthopaedic implants.

The Demand For Orthopedic Implant Devices In Germany

Medical suppliers in Germany are investing heavily in globally certified (FDA approved) innovative products and research-related activities. The availability of quality surgeons and doctors and advanced technological products has helped orthopedic devices supplier and orthopedic implant manufacturers in the country to gain a competitive-edge in the global market. As per a leading medical daily the German health market is among the top 10 lucrative health markets worldwide.

Ortho Surgical Companies in Germany represents more than a 15% share of the medical industry in the European Union. The Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers in Germany place a lot of emphasis on safe and high-quality medical care instruments. It has been projected that the German orthopedic implants market is going to lead the European Union market with a major share.

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