Thumb Sprain Symptoms & Treatment

Thumb Sprain: Symptoms & Treatment

A thumb sprain is a severe condition that can occur in athletes, physically active people, or simply anyone who experiences an injury relating to their hand. Many would consider this as a minor injury that will gradually heal on its own. Whereas, a thumb sprain can affect your ability to grasp, therefore impairing the functionality of the affected hand. So, it is necessary to consult a doctor, who will examine and treat you in time using orthopedic instruments. The instruments are procured from reputed orthopedic instrument Manufacturer.

The main ligament that controls the function of your thumb is the ulnar collateral ligament. It spans between the index finger and thumb. During a fall, instinctively one extends his arm to catch oneself. This causes the hand to bear most of the impact. This is the most common reason for thumb sprains, as the impact from a fall can cause an extensive tearing or stretching of the ulnar collateral ligament.

Skiers are usually most susceptible to severe thumb sprains, a condition also known as “skier’s thumb”. When a fall occurs in the process of skiing, the ski pole creates extra stress on the thumb ligament. This increases the chances of a tear. Contact, ball sports, racket are other activities where the thumb is at risk of a sprain because of trauma such as a sudden hit or a fall.

Thumb sprains are among the toughest conditions to self-diagnose, as the onset of pain may not be immediate. Other symptoms may include swelling, tenderness, or bruising. If you experience any type of thumb injury, it is important to visit an orthopedic specialist whether you notice any symptoms or not, as leaving a sprain untreated may lead to complications in the thumb function.

When the ligament is partially torn your thumb will need to be immobilized with a splint or cast for approximately 4-6 weeks until the thumb regains its full stability. When complete ligament tear is there and/or there is any sign of bone fracture, you will need surgery. The recovery period is of 6-8 weeks. The orthopedic surgeons perform surgery using various instruments accessible from top orthopedic implant companies in India.