Titanium Elastic Nailing System

Titanium Elastic Nails are intended to be used for the surgical treatment of diaphyseal fractures. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. provides a high-quality range of Titanium Elastic Nailing System that meets international quality standards of orthopedic devices. This category offered by Siora includes Titanium Elastic Nail & Instruments.

Titanium Elastic Nailing System Manufacturer and Supplier

'Siora' is the name of trust and satisfaction when it comes to the manufacturing of orthopedic implants. Being one of the leading orthopedic device manufacturers, Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a world-class range of Titanium Elastic Nails and Instruments. Having a renowned name in the industry, we have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals that ensure the true quality of every product moving out of the manufacturing unit.

Titanium Elastic Nails and Instruments are designed in our technologically advanced manufacturing unit which is FDA, India approved. Elastic nails offered by us meet all the standards stated under ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. We will ensure complete customer satisfaction along with true value for money.

Uses of Titanium Elastic Nailing System

Titanium Elastic Nailing System (TENS) is used for the fixation of long-bone fractures including tibia, fibula, radius, ulna, femur, & humerus. Elastic nails are most commonly used in children when compared to adults. These titanium nails are used in a pair of the same size to ensure correct positioning and stability of the fractured bone.

Advantages of Titanium Elastic Nailing System

  • Allows easy insertion into the medullary Canal
  • Ensures correct alignment of the bone pieces
  • Reduced risk of soft tissue irritation
  • Facilitates easy implant removal