Radial Head Prosthesis

For unstable comminuted Type III fractures of the radial head that cannot be reconstructed, Replacement with Radial head prosthesis offers good results. In acute injuries of the elbow, it is better than excision of the head of a radius which can lead to long term elbow and wrist instability.

Radial Head Prosthesis Manufacturer and suppliers

Siora Surgicals Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers which has brought the best design in India at true value for money. The implant is made of Titanium Grade Ti6AL4VELI material. The implant of Radial head Prosthesis comes with well-designed instruments for accurate and easy insertion.

Uses of Radial Head Prosthesis

Radial head replacement is often used in Type 3 fractures of the Radial Head and its sequalae. Persistent pain and discomfort after Radial head Osteosynthesis are best treated by Replacement.

Advantages of Radial head Prosthesis


  • Brief recovery time and Short rehabilitation period.
  • Functional range of motion
  • Practically no discomfort.
  • No untoward synovial reaction like the often seen in Silicon prosthesis