Cat No. IS.022DescriptionUnits
704.005Threaded Guide Wire 1.25 MM, 150 MM10
704.008Cannulated Counter Sink Q. C. Dia. 6.0 MM1
704.009Cannulated Tap 4.0 MM Q. C.1
704.010Double Drill Sleeve 2.7/1.25 MM1
704.011Drill Guide with Stop 3.5 MM/2.7 MM with Two Inserts1
704.012Cannulated Hexagonal Screw Driver – 2.5 MM Tip1
704.013Direct Measuring Device S.S.1
704.014Stylet 1.25 MM1
704.015Holding Clip1
704.016Cannulated Quick Coupling Tap Handle with Fibre Handle1
704.026Cannulated Drill Bit 2.7 MM / 1.35 MM, Length 130 MM Q. C. End1
704.027Cannulated Drill Bit 3.5 MM / 1.35 MM, Length 130 MM Q. C. End1
307.060Drill & Tap Sleeve Combined – 2.5/3.5 MM1
400.088 Instrument Box With Two Trays Length 300 MM1