What is the Pre-op & Post-op Instructions

What is the Pre-op & Post-op Instructions?

In this post, we will see some of the important pre-op and post-op instructions.

Pre-admission Testing

  • ALL Pre-admission Lab work, as well as Testing, must be finished prior to the date of surgery. This is for your safety and to prescreen all likely conditions your surgeon and anesthesiologist would require to be aware of before surgery. Your insurance carrier can or cannot cover this expense; though, they are essential as part of your preoperative screening.

Pacemaker Implant / Defibrillator

If you already have a pacemaker/ defibrillator implant in your body, please make your physician aware of this situation.  The office requires a copy of your pacer card with the serial number, model no. and vendor phone number. The doctor may opt to speak to the supplier to understand the likely situation during surgery.

Eating & Drinking Guidelines

  • DON’T EAT SOLID FOODS OR DRINK ANYTHING after midnight the night prior to surgery.  This includes candy, chewing gum, and mints


  • Please notify the staff of all current:
  • Medicines (prescription and non-prescription)
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Weight Control Medications
  • If you generally take medications to check with your surgeon whether you should take them the night prior or the morning of the surgery.
  • Also, please inform your surgeon if you are taking:
  • Blood thinners (Coumadin, Heparin, Plavix, Lovenox, etc…)
  • Aspirin, Ecotrin
  • NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Advil, Mortin, Aleve, etc.)

If you still smoke, it is suggested that you refrain from smoking the day of surgery.

Because of the medications used for anesthesia, you must:

  • Not Drink alcoholic beverages that day
  • Has a responsible adult accompany you home from surgery
  • Not make any important decisions
  • Not drive or operate machinery that day

The Morning of Surgery

  • Ensure you arrive on time, two hours before surgery. This is because of the time needed to prepare you for surgery
  • Shower or bathe to reduce the chance of infection
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for surgery.  You will find this useful when returning home.
  • Wear flat shoes
  • Leave jewelry and other valuables at home
  • If you wear contact lenses, you can be asked to remove them before surgery so please bring a contact case along or wear glasses instead
  • If you are have medical Insurance, then carry your Insurance details.

Post- Operative

  • You will receive written instructions from the hospital about what to expect after surgery and specific instructions for your care after the operation
  • Following your stay in the recovery room as well as when your vital signs are stable you will be discharged from the Hospital.
  • Remember, it’s normal to feel a little dizzy or drowsy for many hours after surgery.  This is due to the actions the medicine are used during surgery
  • If you don’t have a post-operative appointment scheduled, you must schedule this appointment for Post Operation Follow up

Post-Surgery Diet:

Your surgeon will tell you about specific diet restrictions, if applicable.

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