Tips for Quick Recovery from an Orthopaedic Surgery

Tips for Quick Recovery from an Orthopaedic Surgery

Recovery from orthopedic surgery may take a lot of time, but there are some tips you may follow to expedite the process. Here are some of the basic nevertheless effective tips for recovering fast from an orthopedic surgery:

1.  Strictly Follow Post-Operation Instructions

Immediately after the surgery, you would have got some instructions from your orthopedic surgeon and advise to meet a physical therapist to start a rehabilitation program. It is important to follow the instructions as well as recommendations of the doctor/physician and do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand what you are asked to do.

2. Frequently Attend Your Follow Up Appointments

It is important to get your progress monitored by the doctor/physician and get your plan customized and tweaked if there is a requirement.

3. Perform Rehabilitation Exercises

Your physician will determine your rehab program based upon your condition and set your exercise progression depending upon your improvement. Again, for the best results, it is important to follow strictly as suggested by your physician.

4. Get Proper Nutrition

Eating well after surgery will positively help your body heal quicker. Some of the foods that doctors/physician suggest includes lean protein (chicken, red meat or fish), dairy, and fresh citrus based upon the kind of surgery you have gone through. Vegetables are nutrient-rich, thus keep in mind to eat plenty of green leafy plants such as spinach.

5. Sleep Tight

When we sleep our body repairs tissues which promote healing, thus be sure to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night.

6. Take Proper Medication

After surgery, you must have been prescribed some type of pain medicine. Talk to your doctor about how and when to have these medicines, and if you should increase some multivitamins or other supplements to your everyday rehabilitation plan. Do not take a higher dosage of medicine or increase the frequency of your pain medicine without consulting the Doctor.

7. Ask for Help

After surgery, you will be less mobile and will possibly require help with your everyday activities. Do not hesitate to request for help from your friends and family.

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