Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition

27th Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition – TIHE 2023

Why Visit Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition?

The 27th Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition (TIHE) will take place from 13-15 April 2023 at the Uzexpocentre NEC, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This event will offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to have a live demonstration of advanced medical instruments & supplies from the dental sector. Tashkent Healthcare Exhibition 2023 will invite exhibitors from Tashkent and other parts of the globe. There will be a huge showcase a huge range of healthcare products and technologies.

What Are the Benefits of Attending the Tashkent Healthcare Exhibition?

Tashkent Healthcare Exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the attendees to enter the healthcare market in Uzbekistan. Hence, this will help expand their international market reach. Exhibiting at this International Healthcare Exhibition in Tashkent will attract healthcare specialists from Uzbekistan and other parts of the globe.

TIHE Healthcare Exhibition 2023 will offer a great platform for exhibitors to make direct negotiations and seal the deals right on the spot. Above all, there will also be an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts and increase brand awareness.

However, meeting an audience interested in healthcare products will let you demonstrate your products one-to-one while telling their advantage.

Above all, exploring advanced healthcare technology at Tashkent Healthcare Exhibition will give add to your knowledge. Plus, this will give you ideas on how to compete strongly in the ever-growing healthcare market. So, TIHE 2023 will be a great learning platform and meeting global healthcare experts and companies.

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