VARIOLOCK Locking Plate System

Variable angle locking plates are preferred for deformity correction and fracture repair. These titanium bone plates are an integral part of the traumatology surgeon’s arsenal. In osteosynthesis techniques, these locking plates are widely used. It lowers down the chances of infection during fixing compound fractures, which otherwise was likely to happen when locking titanium bone screws were used for fracture repair.

Variable Angle Locking Plate Manufacturers and Suppliers

Locking Variable Angle angle plates serves the purpose of adjoining the bones. We at Siora Surgicals have all the best quality Variable Angle angle plates. Being the topmost Variable Angle angle plate manufacture we know how important these locking plates are for bones. All the various types of variable angle orthopedic locking plates serve the specific purpose of fracture’ fixing and you will get all here from the reliable Variable Angle angle plate suppliers.

Variable Angle Locking Plate Uses

Locking plates serve many purposes. It is used for easy fracture fixation with small incisions, minimal surgical trauma also ensuring minimal bone-implant interface. Even a Variable Angle Plate does not disrupt cortical bone perfusion. These are used as a reliable solution to fracture fixing.

Benefits of Locking Variable Angle Plate

  • With underlying bone, an intimate connection is not needed when locking variable angle plates are used. It provides better success in fixing even the compound fractures easily.
  • Even after inserting screws to the fraction gap, the chances are almost zero that screws will get loosened in any way. It gives more success.
  • It provides a stable and reliable fixation to fracture. Also, infection chances are lowest on the underlying bone.

The material used in Variable Angle Plate

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

Top Selling Types of Variable Angle Locking Plates

We have a wide array of Variable Angle locking plates catering to the different needs of our customers. Our stock subsumes Variable Angle angle locking volar plate, locking variable Angle angle proximal lateral plates, Variable Angle angle cervical locking plate, etc. Siora Surgical Pvt. Ltd. is available at your service by offering the top quality Variable Angle locking plates. These are made using the finest materials. Our patrons are fully satisfied taking these plates from us so far and relying on our services.
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