Healthcare Scenario In the United Kingdom

According to the NHS Directory in 2019:

  • Statistics have shown that the total number of hospitals was 1,257 in September 2019. A decline of 0.4% during 2015-2020 has been observed in the Healthcare Industry in the UK.
  • Out of 1,257 hospitals, 68% (854) are concentrated in the UK's most populous region, England. Simultaneously, other areas like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have 22%, 7%, and 3% of hospitals, respectively.
  • The National Health Services (NHS) under the Department of Health and Social Care is a publicly funded healthcare system in the UK that ranks second worldwide for its quality Administration and Services. NHS is responsible for managing various private hospitals as well.
  • An independent organization regulates all private hospitals in the UK. HCA, Nuffield Health, Spire Healthcare, BMI Healthcare, Ramsay Health, and Circle Health are major private hospitals.
  • The number of private hospitals has grown significantly to keep up with the pace of demand.
  • Medical instruments and Devices:

    The expanding Healthcare Demand in the UK has given rise to a significant call for Medical devices in both Private and Public healthcare sectors. The Medical Device Market of the UK is globally the sixth largest and the third-largest industry in Europe. In 2015 the medical equipment industry had a net value of around $9.5 billion. It was estimated to grow from $12 billion in 2013 to $17.5 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 4.8%.

    Orthopedic Implant Demand:

    Every year, thousands of patients go through Orthopedic surgeries in the UK and other nations as well for surgery implants can be acquired by Orthopedic Implants Suppliers in UK. The National Joint Registry (NJR) has confirmed that around 3 million patients have undergone Joint replacement in the UK. The stats indicated a significant proportion of hip and knee replacements followed by shoulder and elbow replacements.

    The UK substantially ranks at the top in its Healthcare facilities and its share in the medical devices market. The UK has always been a hub for medical tourism since everything here affirms quality at a reduced cost. The establishment of the world's renowned NJR strengthened the UK's Orthopedic Implant industry. Markets flourishing with the implant instruments' import has alleviated Ortho surgical companies in UK. Such intensive inflow has reduced the cost of many medical tools and have made Implants in the UK accessible for everyone. Various Orthopedic Implant Distributors in UK send these Implant devices to the Ortho Surgeons to carry out the surgery.

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    SIORA Surgical Private Ltd. has Quality Assurance System conforming to ISO 13485:2016 to assure its products' quality. The Quality plan envisages stringent quality checks at the raw material stage, In-process and at the final stage. For precision measurement and monitoring, SIORA has deployed machines like Profile Projector and SIPCON Vision measuring system.

    SIORA’s concern for Patient Safety is paramount. It’s products are designed to perform as per established norms/ standards, yet it believes that there is always room for improvement. Maintaining close relations with its customers and medical fraternity, it gets feedback for suitable product improvements.

    Quality of SIORA products meets the guidelines of Indian FDA, CE norms, and the regulatory standards of several countries. SIORA has registered its products in countries like Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Iran, etc. It is in the process of registering itself with many other nations as well.

    SIORA diligently follows every bit of business ethics and norms. It is known for its transparency and shares relevant information with the Distributors and consumers. It works with distributors assigned exclusively to segregated territories. SIORA delivers the required products to these distributors, who sell them in the markets and consumers they are associated with.

    The Distributors also stock the Implants and Instruments to serve Surgeons and Hospitals in their respective territories SIORA offers to train its distributors and also provide them with the complete set of samples and literature. It participates in various Exhibitions and Workshops to promote its products and avail the opportunity to discuss and resolve distributors' queries related to the products. For SIORA, the distributor is a partner and believes in sharing for simultaneous and sustained growth of both partners.

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