Locking Proximal Tibia Raft Plate 3.5/4.0mm

This plate-like the femoral condylar plate is also pre-contoured and side specific. The upper part of the plate is Inverted L shaped so the broader end gives place to put many screws subchondral and thus giving a rafting effect. It is contoured according to the shape of the lateral condyle of Tibia. The plate is put from the lateral side to fix AO type A and B and Schatzkar type1, 2, and 3 fractures.
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In AO type C1 and C2 and Schatzkar type 4 and 5 fractures, this plate is combined with a medial or posteromedial plate to hold the fragments. The most important prerequisite in treating intraarticular fractures is to reduce the intraarticular fragments anatomically. If needed sub meniscal dissection, punching up the depressed fragment, and filling the gap caused by the crushing of cancellous bone with a bone graft or bone substitute are to be done. After reduction, the plate is temporarily fixed with K wires. The elongated combi hole allows sliding the plate up and down so the screws do not penetrate the articular surface of the medial condyle which is at a slightly lower level than the Lateral condyle.

After temporarily placing the plate first the proximal end is fixed and then the distal fragment. Compression is given if necessary with regular cortical screws or Compression device.

Product Size

Cat. No. (Stainless Steel)Holes  (Left)Cat. No. (Titanium)
863.003       3Ti.863.003
863.005       5Ti.863.005
863.007       7Ti.863.007
863.009       9Ti.863.009
863.011      11Ti.863.011
Cat. No. (Stainless Steel)Holes  (Right)Cat. No. (Titanium)
863.103       3Ti.863.103
863.105       5Ti.863.105
863.107       7Ti.863.107
863.109       9Ti.863.109
863.111      11Ti.863.111