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List of Orthopedic Implants

PFNA2 Nail (Proximal Femoral Nail with Anti-Rotation Blade).

In our range of orthopedic implants, The PFNA2 or proximal femoral nail is one of them. The PFNA2 Nail antirotation was designed for intramedullary management of pertrochanteric hip fractures.

We at Siora Surgicals manufacture a complete range of orthopedic implants and PFNA2 Nails with autorotation blade. In the range of our PFNA2 Nails, we have different size option like:

• PFNA Nail Short -130° Length 170mm (Titanium)
• PFNA Nail Short 130°, Length 240mm (Titanium)
• PFNA Nail Long 130° (Titanium)

Indications and Contraindications


• High subtrochanteric fractures
• Pertrochanteric fractures
• Intertrochanteric fractures


• Femoral shaft fractures
• Low subtrochanteric fractures
• Isolated or combined medial femoral neck fractures


The Antegrade Femoral Nail (AFN Nail) are indicated to stabilize fractures of the distal femur and the femoral shaft, including, Supracondylar fractures, including those with intra-articular extension, Ipsilateral hip/shaft fractures — Ipsilateral femur/tibia fractures, Femoral fractures in multiple trauma patients, Fractures proximal to a total knee arthroplasty, Fractures distal to a hip implant, Fractures in the morbidly obese patient, Fractures in osteoporotic bone, Impending pathologic fractures and Malunions and nonunions.

Our ADROIT AFN Nailing System includes:

  • AFN Implants
  • AFN Instruments
  • AFN Instrument Box


Multifix Tibia Nails is one of our best product that has been designed with superior quality of raw materials. Since, the tibia is one of the longest bone of human body and there are various scenarios that can lead to a fracture in it like a minor break from infrequent excessive movement, compromised bone because of having an infection of cancer, etc.

To heal all such pain, several implants and instruments have been discovered. Multifix Tibia Nailing is one among them. These nails can be used to alleviate tibia fractures including unstable closed fracture patterns, grade I & II open tibial diaphyseal fractures, tibia comminuted fractures, certain pre- and postischemic fractures.

And definitely, it’s going to be painful for the osteogenic (i.e. open reduction and internal fixation) especially if used with the combination with the best-fit intramedullary nail. The product is available in different sizes for serving a respective need of the user as per their requirement.

Our product range for Tibia Nails are

  • ADROIT – Tibia Nailing Implants
  • ADROIT – Tibia Nailing Instruments
  • ADROIT – Tibia Nailing Instrument Box


Helix Locking Plates has been highly appreciated in the market because of its superior quality and not us, but customer says this. Locking plates is an orthopedic implant or you can say fracture fixation device posting a mixture of threaded screw holes which is used for a treatment of extremity fractures.

Also, it can be used effectively in five different ways that are protection, bridging, compression, buttress and tension band. And the best part is that product is available in both stainless steel and titanium and in different sizes. You can go for any of them as per your requirement.

Additionally, it’s necessary to understand the function of these plates and how to use them along with watchful preoperative planning.

Helix Locking Plate System includes:


1. Small Fragment Implants
2. Small Fragment Instruments
3. Implants & Instruments of Herbert Screw
4. Small Cannulated Implants
5. Instruments of Cannulated Cancellous Screws
6. Large Fragment Implants
7. Large Fragment Instruments
8. Large Cannulated Cancellous Screws
9. Instruments For Large Cannulated Cancellous Screws
10. DHS / DCS Implants
11. DHS / DCS Instruments
12. Angled Blade Plates Implants
13. Angled Blade Plates Instruments


Hip Prosthesis actually has become a great solution for Hip replacement or arthroplasty. The prosthesis is just an implant which is being placed by replacing the diseased part of the hip. The main objective of hip replacement surgery is to improve hip joint function and increase motion so as to reveal pain.

Doctors recommend for hip replacement surgery if your hip has got fractured or injured by arthritis and you are not able for perform common activities. Beside this, there can be various another scenario where hip replacement surgery become necessary. There can be different degrees of replacements like total or partial implants.

Being a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and instruments, we also make implants for hip surgery which is being used in partial hip replacement. A wide range of hip prosthesis is manufactured by us by adopting best quality of raw resources. It’s quite safe and effective procedure that helps you to relieve your pain helping you to get your every day enjoying activities.

Our Hip Prosthesis includes:

  • Bipolar Prosthesis Implants
  • Bipolar Prosthesis Instruments
  • Hip Prosthesis Implants
  • Hip Prosthesis Instruments


These days with the enhancement in medical science, handling traumatic injuries is not a big deal. Various treatments are available. If talking about External Fixation, Siora itself is a brand on which millions of customer trust.

We provide a complete solution for external fixation by engineering superior quality of implants that can be used for the treatment of high-energy trauma including fractures, osteotomies, infected nonunions and all. Our product includes External Fixator Tubular, Small External Fixator, External Fixators for Humerus, External Fixator Ring, Distractors, Hand Fixator, Rail Fixator (Adult) and Tapered & Front Threaded Pins.

All these implants have been made with the best quality of raw materials that ensures to its quality and stability.  A product is available in different sizes, so be sure that which one is needed to you as per your requirement.

Under External Fixator Range, we manufacture:

  • Dynamic External Fixator
  • Dynamic Joint Distractors
  • External Fixator for Humerus
  • External Fixator Ring Type
  • Hand External Fixator
  • Rail Fixator (ADULT)
  • Rail Fixator (Pediatric)
  • Small External Fixator
  • Tapered & Front Threaded Pins
  • Tubular External Fixator


To our customers, we are delivering very high quality and durable orthopedic instruments from last two decades. These instruments have been designed with best raw materials and can be effectively used for optimal fixation of orthopedic implants. We Manufacture:

  • Anchor Screw,
  • Skull Surgery,
  • Cannulated Rigid Reamer
  • Basic Instruments
  • Bone Cutting Instruments
  • Bone Drill & Wire Instruments
  • Bone Hammers
  • Bone Holding Instruments
  • Distractors
  • Drill Bits & Bone Taps
  • Hooks, Levers & Retractors
  • Instruments for Hip Prosthesis
  • Instruments for Interlocking Nail Removal
  • Instruments for Kuntscher Nails
  • Instruments for Mini Fragment
  • Instruments for Plaster Cutting
  • Periosteal Elevator
  • Sterilization Containers & Tubes


To our customers, we are also offering Mini Fragment Implants and Instruments which is used for small bones like of hand and foot in order to fix fractures like hand/foot Phalanges, Metatarsals, Metacarpals, Tarsals, osteotomies, nonunions, replantation and all. The product has been crafted by using best raw resources along with maintaining quality insurance fulfilling demands of the international medical profession. Our Mini Fragment System includes both implants and instruments. For example Cortical screw, Mini straight plate, Quarter Tabular Plate, DCP, Reconstruction Plate, Drill Bit, Bone Tap, Gauge, Mini Plate Bender, Drill Guide, Mini Chisels, K-Wire and much more. We Manufacture:

  • Mini Fragment Implants
  • Mini Fragment Instruments

Implants and Instruments

We understand how much anyone wants to get back when having injured or pain. And this has become possible because of development in medical science with orthopedic implants and instruments. Delta Nailing System is one among them that includes various implants & instruments that plays a great role in orthopedic surgery especially related to tibia and femur.

Our products include delta long PFN nail, end cap for TFN/PFN nail, set screw, proximal bolt, end cap, locking bolt self tapping, proximal and distal locking, conical bolt, protection sleeve, drill sleeve, cannulated proximal sleeve, reamer, tommy bar, diamond pointed bone awl, reaming rod, threaded guide wire, plastic medullary tube, screwdriver, instrument box, delta tibial nail, locking bolt, delta femoral nail, delta slim femur cannulated nail, unreamed delta tibial nail,  proximal jig for tibia, proximal jig for femur, cannulated conical bolt for tibia, cannulated for femur, extractor set, driving head, protection sleeve, trocar, reaming rod plain, dill sleeve, spanner stainless steel, plastic medullary tube, drill bit, extra-long screwdriver, diamond pointed bone awl, large depth gauge, tissue protector, hammer guide, inserter for elastic nail, awl for elastic nail, detachable slide hammer, standard stamp, pin wrench, standard stamp, drill & tap sleeve, bone hammer, drill bit and many more. In short, our delta nailing system ranges from

  • Delta TFN & PFN Bolts
  • Delta TFN & PFN Bolts – Titanium
  • Delta TFN & PFN Instruments
  • Delta TFN & PFN Instruments Set
  • Delta TFN & PFN Nails
  • Delta TFN & PFN Nails – Titanium
  • Delta TFN & PFN Nails & Bolts
  • Delta Tibia & Femur Nails – S.S.
  • Delta Tibia-Femur Bolts – Titanium
  • Delta Tibia-Femur Nails – Titanium
  • Graphic Instrument Set for Titanium Elastic Nail
  • Instruments for Delta Interlocking Nail
  • Instruments for Titanium Elastic Nail
  • Optional Instruments
  • Titanium Elastic Nail


Tru Interlocking Nailing System has been designed very carefully along with maintaining quality standards offering doctors and surgeons for secure fixation for tibia and femur. For example, tru Intramedullary Nail system has been designed for femoral shaft fractures, subtrochanteric fractures, impending pathologic fractures, ipsilateral femoral neck/shaft fractures.

Locking bolts/screws diameter is same proximally and distally. Our products include tibial interlocking nails, femoral interlocking nails, locking screws, locking bolts, multi-functional femoral nail, interlocking instruments for tibia and femur and much more. The product is available in different sizes and some are also available in titanium, thus check it out for complete details. Tru Interlocking Nailing System includes:

  • Distal Femoral Nail
  • Femoral Interlocking Nails
  • Interlocking Instruments for DFN & MFN
  • Interlocking Instruments for Tibia & Femur
  • Locking Bolts
  • Multifunctional Femoral Nail
  • Operating Instructions for Distal Femoral Nail System
  • Product Description for Distal Femoral Nail System
  • Tibial Interlocking Nails


Spinal implants are often used as part of a spinal fusion surgery. The implants help keep the threaded position in place if your back improves from surgery. Although surgery is the last resort for back pain, there are special cases where this would be the best solution.

We at Siora Surgicals manufacture a complete range of Spine implants and Instruments by engineering superior quality of implants that can be used for the treatment of high-energy trauma including fractures, osteotomies, infected nonunions and all.


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