Multifix Tibia Nails Manufacturers India

The multifix tibial nail is an orthopaedic implant with an anatomic bend which eases insertion of a tibial nail. SIORA offers these nails under the product name of EXPERT nails or EXPERT tibial nails, which are used for the tibial fractures in the tibial shaft as well as for metaphyseal and some intra-articular fractures of the head of tibia and pilon tibiale. End caps can be fixed in the tibial nails which prevent ingrowth of tissue and helps in nail extraction. Another implant which is used for fixation is Locking Bolts. Guide wires are also used with the tibial nails for its perfect insertion through the bone.

Siora’s EXPERT tibial nails are available in different sizes and lengths (Diameter- 8.0, 9.0 & 10.0 mm and Length- 280 mm to 380 mm). The nail length and size should be selected based on the patient anatomy. Siora Surgicals Pvt. is Multifix tibia nails manufacturers.

Various instruments used in the tibia surgery are also manufactured by SIORA viz. special design of Proximal Zig, Extractor Rod, Socket wrench, Extra Long Screw Driver, Conical Bolt, etc. SIORA also offers option of Complete set of Tibial nails with accessories and Instrumentation in graphic Aluminium instrument box suitable for the autoclaving procedure.



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