What are the Locking Plates?

Locking plates are fracture fixation devices that allow fitment of normal conventional bone screws as well as Locking head screws. These plates function as a fixed- angle device. The locking head screws have threads on its head, which engages it firmly with the plate.

Uses of Locking Plates

The pullout strength of locking head screws is higher these plates. These plates are useful for treating the fractures in osteoporotic bone, fractures with short metaphyseal segments and fractures treated with biological fixation.

Unlike conventional plates, locking plates do not require friction between the plate and bone and the placement of the plate is done without any contact with bone. In many cases, the design of the plate allows less contact between the plate and bone to preserve the periosteal blood supply and bone perfusion.

Materials Used in The Making of Locking Plates

  • Titanium- Siora uses high- quality titanium alloy to manufacture its Titanium Locking plates.
  • Stainless Steel- Siora manufactures Stainless Steel Locking plates from high- grade stainless- steel as well.

Advantages of Locking Plates

  • Provide more rigid fixation.
  • Better for soft bones/ osteoporotic bones.
  • Good choice for metaphyseal or shaft fractures

Various Types of Locking Plates        

Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide variety of Locking plates e.g. Locking Re- Construction Plate, Locking T-Plate, Locking Olecranon Plate, Locking Distal Ulna Plate, Locking Dorsal Distal Radius Straight Plate etc. Most commonly used Locking plates are – Locking Compression Plate, Locking Proximal Femur Plate, Locking Volar Plate, Locking Distal Humerus Plate, etc.  All the plates are available in different sizes to cover variation in anatomy in the patient population.


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