LCP Compact hand Set Implants

LCP Compact hand set is intended for temporary fixation, correction or stabilization of bones in anatomical part of the hand. It is used in the fracture fixation of the phalanges and metacarpals, arthrodesis, osteotomies, Re-plantations and reconstructions of phalanges and metacarpals, mainly in Osteopenic bone. Few of our LCP Compact hand set range comprises of following orthopedic implants and instruments: –
Implants– 2.0mm LCP- Y- Plate (3 head holes), 2.0mm LCP- T- Plate (3 head holes), 2.0mm LCP Condylar Plate etc.
Instruments– Screw holding sleeve, Bone tap for Cortical Screw, Handle with quick coupling, Universal drill guide, etc.



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