Large Fragment Locking Compression Plate System

Siora large fragment locking System offers the advantages of locked Plating with the flexibility and benefits of traditional Plating in one system. Offering both locked and non-locking screw options provides a construct that resists angular (varus, value, torsional, and axial) collapse while simultaneously acting as a fracture reduction.

Large Fragment Locking Compression Plate Uses

Siora Large fragment locking system can be used in adult and pediatric patients as well as patients with osteopenic bone. It is indicated for fixation of pelvic, small & large bone fractures, including those of the tibia, fibula, femur, pelvis, acetabulum metacarpals, metatarsals, humerus, ulna, and calcaneus.

Siora Locking Plates have the following feature:-

  • Uniform hole spacing
  • Load (compression) and neutral Screw propitious
  • Combination of locking & compression holes
  • Combi holes allow placement of Conventional Cortical & cancellous bone Screw on one side or threaded conical locking screw on the opposite side of each hole.

5.0 mm looking Head Screw design has been modified, from cortical Screw, 4.5mm to enhance fixation, and facilitate the surgical procedure.

Advantage of 5.0mm Locking Head Screw:-

  • The large core diameter improves the bending and shear strength of the screw and distributes the Load ones to a larger area in the bone.
  • The Conical Head facilitates the alignment of the locking screw in the threaded Plate hole to provide a fixed angle connection between the screw and plate.
  • The shallow thread profile of the 5.0mm locking head screw results from the larger core diameter and is acceptable because locking head screws do not rely solely on purchase in the bone to maintain stability.

Basically, Four principles which have become the guidelines for internal fixation as applied to the Large Fragment LCP Locking Compression Plate are:-

    1. Anatomic Reduction
    2. Stable fixation
    3. Preservation of blood Supply
    4. Early, active mobilization

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