Small Fragment Locking Plates & Screws

These specific small locking plates are a boon to the Orthopedic surgeons. Their thin contour reduces the amount of tissue stripping thus maintains their biology, the combiholes provide two functions in one time, the regular holes make the plate sit close to the bones and the locking holes make the grip of the screw better in both the plate and bone. They are specially useful in intraarticular and periarticular fractures where the bone fragments are very small. Some of the plates have varioholes. These holes allow the surgeon to change the direction of the locking screws without compromising the strength and stability. The volar Radial plate, proximal humeral plate, Intraarticular lower humeral plates (both medial and lateral) change the picture of management drastically and early mobilization which it provides gives a far better result.

SIORA’s Small Fragment Locking Plates Screws are available in both Titanium and Stainless-Steel alloy construct. Small Fragment Locking Compression Plate is intended for fixation of fractures of the radius, ulna, pelvis, distal tibia, osteotomies, and non-unions of the clavicle, scapula, olecranon, humerus, and fibula, particularly in osteopenic bone.