Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) Manufacturers in India

The dynamic hip screw (DHS) implant system has been designed mainly for the fixation of trochanteric fractures. It may also be used for some subtrochanteric fractures and for selected basi-cervical femoral fractures. Siora Surgicals is suppliers of DHS Plates who also produce locking screws, hip prosthesis, etc.

The DHS implant is based on the principle of a sliding nail which allows impaction of the fracture. This is made possible by the insertion of a wide diameter screw in the femoral head. A side plate, that has a barrel at a fixed angle is slid over the screw and fixed to the femoral shaft. The screw and barrel each have two corresponding flats, which allow the smooth shaft of the screw to slide within the barrel and yet retain its rotational stability. Therefore, the femoral head fragment fixed with the screw can be impacted either deliberately or from weight-bearing.

The accurate placement of the implant is essential for the success. The anteversion of the femoral neck must be determined with a guide wire and the site of the screw in the middle of the femoral head with a guide pin. The accurate position of the guide pin must be checked with two-plane radiography. All steps required for the insertion of the implant are performed over the guide pin.

The barrel angle can be predetermined by evaluating the angle subtended between the femoral neck and shaft axes (CCD, or collum-centre-diaphysis, angle) of the side which is not injured. The most commonly indicated barrel angle is 135⁰. Kindly check the DHS Plates Catalog Here.



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