Distal Radius Plate

Distal Radius Plate System is designed for both simple and comminuted fractures at the distal end of the radius. These specially designed plates can restore the anatomy of the distal radius. The locking screws in variable directions allow firm fixation of fracture fragments with the help of locking screws. They offer a great advantage over convention plates in stabilizing fractures in osteoporotic bones.

Distal Radius Plate System Manufacturers

Siora Surgicals holds a distinction to manufacture reliable locking distal radius plates. Our strength lies in having a committed and trained staff, knowledge, and experience in manufacturing locking plates. Our state-of-the-art technology has made us achieve perfection in developing appropriate Distal Radius Plate Systems. We assure you of trustworthy quality for hassle-free use of these systems.

Uses of Distal Radius Plate System

Locking Distal Radius Plates are used for fixation of fractures with volar and dorsal comminution at the distal end of the radius. It can be used in Internal fixator mode across the bone loss. It has the versatility to restore and maintain distal radius anatomy after extra and intra-articular fractures, Osteotomies for malunion, and deformities arising from growth arrest. These plates have instilled confidence in surgeons and patients for early mobility of the wrist after stable fixation.

Advantages pf Distal Radius Plate System

  • Preservation of vascularity of comminuted fracture fragments
  • Permits relative stability and helps to achieve secondary bone healing with the formation of callus for firm biological fixation of fractures.
  • Provides reliable and sound fracture fixation to all patterns of distal radius fractures.
  • Low profile avoids irritation of soft tissues
  • Allows independent contouring of Radial and Intermediate columns.
  • Permits restoration of the articular surface and offers stability.
  • Helps in restoring Radial angle and length.

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