Delta Nailing System Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Nailing system comprises Intramedullary Interlocking Nails, bolts and TFN & PFN instruments. is orthopedic nailing system suppliers in India who also manufacture bone screw, locking plates, bolts, etc. Siora’s nailing system offers implants and instruments for nailing in different sizes and lengths.

Some of our implants and instruments from nailing system are:

Elastic Nails: The titanium Elastic Nail are intended for the fixation of diaphyseal fractures; lower extremity fractures in pediatric and small-statured patients and upper extremity fractures in all patients. This system is also intended to treat metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures, such as radial neck fractures, and is used for fixation of small long bones, such as tarsal and carpal bones. In pediatric applications, the flexibility of the elastic nail let it to be inserted at a point which avoids disruption of the bone growth plate. Siora also offers instruments for titanium elastic nails such as F-Tool, Drill Bit, etc.

End Cap: End cap is used to prevent nail migration (push-out) in elastic stable intramedullary elastic nail. Siora’s end cap is accessible in both stainless steel and titanium.

Tibia Nails: Tibia Nail is to stabilize fractures of the proximal and distal tibia and the tibial shaft in a pediatric or adult patient.

Indications for use include open and closed tibial shaft fractures; certain pre and post-isthmic fractures, tibial malunions and non-unions, corrective osteotomies, pathologic fractures, pseudoarthrosis of the tibial shaft, metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures, transverse fractures, oblique fractures, spiral fractures, segmental fractures, comminuted fractures, bone support, and fractures with bone loss.

Femur Nails:

1)Femoral Nails: Indications for interlocking intramedullary nails include simple long bone fractures; severely comminuted, spiral, large oblique and segmental fractures; nonunions and malunions; polytrauma and multiple fractures; prophylactic nailing of impending pathologic fractures; reconstruction, supracondylar fractures; bone lengthening and shortening.

Interlocking intramedullary nails are indicated for fixation of fractures that occur in and between the proximal and distal third of long bones being treated.

2) TFN Nails: Trochanteric Fixation Nail (TFN) is used to treat stable and unstable pertrochanteric fractures, basal neck fractures, intertrochanteric fractures, and combinations thereof. TFN bolts and other TFN instruments are also available like TFN Jig, TFN Guide Wire Sleeve, TFN Tap etc.

3) PFN Nails: PFN Nails are designed for the low and extended subtrochanteric fractures, Pathological fractures, Combination of fractures (trochanteric area/shaft) and Ipsilateral trochanteric fractures. Siora also offers PFN bolts and other PFN instruments such as PFN Jig, PFN Guide Wire Sleeve, etc.



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