Orthopedic Bone Screws

The orthopedic bone screws are used to fasten the plate to the bone and are designed to produce compression in bones to facilitate the fractured bone pieces to come closer so that bone union can take place. The downward force on the screw for fixing it is converted into compression and allocates this compression in an even way throughout the surface of injured bones. This compression is the reason that the broken bone components come closer and heal faster. Screws also help in aligning and stabilize the fractured bones in a fixed position.

Orthopedic Bone Screws Types

  • Cortical Bone Screws
  • Cannulated Screws
  • Cancellous Bone Screws
  • Locking Head Screws
  • Locking Head Cancellous Screws
  • DHS Compression Screw
  • Malleolar Screw

Bone Screws Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Siora’s bone screws are accessible in different sizes according to the type of bone and its size. Being one of the best trauma implants manufacturers, Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd provides bone screws in both materials, titanium and stainless – steel. Screws can be used with bone plates or nails. These can be either left in place or removed after the bone union, depending on the surgeon’s decision.



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