Trauma Bone Plates and It’s Uses

Nowadays, surgeons use a wide variety of orthopaedic implants viz. orthopedic bone screws, orthopedic plates or bone plate, intramedullary Nails, Cannulated Screws, Cortical Screw, Locking Head Screws, Variable Angle Locking Plate and many more for the treatment of bone fractures. Trauma plate bone is one of the widely used implants that facilitate healing of the fractured bones by stabilization and rigid internal fixation. These orthopedic plate bones are used to join the broken parts of the bone together. In the medical field, this kind of repairs is known as osteosynthesis.

Locking Plates System

Orthopedic Locking Bone Plates: Locking plates refer to those plates that can be used with both locking head screws and non- locking screws. These titanium bone plates are useful for the fractures in osteoporotic bone, fractures with short metaphyseal segments, and fractures treated with biological fixation.

Non - Locking Plates System

Non- Locking Plates: Non- locking plates refer to those plates that have holes that will only accommodate non- locking screws. Fractures in the young bone can be treated effectively with the non-locking plates.

Bone tissues have the extraordinary capacity to regenerate its tissue. They can regain most of their original strength if they are held together. Otherwise, severe fractures need surgical intervention. They are treated by implanting the trauma bone plate in the human body by means of surgery.

Materials Used to Manufacture Bone Plates:

Since earlier times, titanium and stainless- steel are widely used to manufacture the orthopaedic implants by top orthopedic implant companies in India. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd also uses these materials to produce its implants. We orthopedic bone plates manufacturers in India. We have our own manufacturing unit to produce a good quality product. Also, we are bulk orthopaedic bone plate suppliers in India and worldwide.

Titanium :– Titanium is a strong and corrosion-resistant element with natural properties that make it reliable and fully biocompatible. Another impressive thing about these plates is that it helps in osseointegration by physically bonding with the bone around which it is placed, without the need for any extra adhesive.

Stainless-Steel :– Our company, Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. uses high- quality materials like stainless steel to manufacture our products. Stainless steel bone plates are produced from implant-quality 316L stainless steel, in which suffix L signifies a low carbon content to ensure that the material will be free from susceptibility to intergranular corrosion.



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