Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments Suppliers in Namibia

Siora Surgicals has been a manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic instruments and equipment for more than three decades. We have a comprehensive trauma product portfolio of more than two thousand. Orthopedic Implants Mini Fragment DCP System, TFN / PFN Nailing System, Adroit AFN Nailing System, Adroit AFN Nailing System, Helix Locking Plate System, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy, Microlock Locking Hand System, Supra Condaylar Nailing system, Titanium Elastic Nailing System, DHS / DCS Implants & Instruments, Tibia / Fermur Interlocking System, Humerus Interlocking Nailing System, PFNA- II, AURA Spine, Cannulated Screws, Angled Blade Plates, Prosthesis for Joints, DCP and LC-DCP Systems, External Fixator System, Adroit Multifix Tibia Nailing System, Large & Small Round External Fixator System, etc